Bee'sy Family Bundle

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We understand that when it comes to having family and friends over there is never enough Bee'sy Wraps at hand.

That is why we have created this bundle of our most popular products and added a huge discount + bonus gift!!!


Included in the bundle:

1x Bee’sy Wraps set

Waxed fabric clothes, used as simple food storage that preserve freshness. 

A sustainable alternative to plastic or aluminum foils.

Pack of 3 consists S, M & L wrap.

  • 1x Small: 18 x 22 cm
  • 1x Medium: 26 x 33 cm
  • 1x Large: 33 x 35 cm


1x Bee’sy Roll

Bee’sy Roll is a waxed roll, out of which we can cut wraps customized to our own desire, used as simple food storage that preserve freshness. 

Roll is intended for all of those, who are creative geniuses in their own kitchen and love products that are easily customised according to one’s requirements and desires.

A sustainable alternative to plastic or aluminum foils.

Roll is 31 cm (12”) wide and runs 150 cm (59”) long.



1x Bee’sy Bread Wrap

Waxed fabric clothes, used for bread storage that preserve its freshness. 

It is a great alternative to paper/plastic bags in which bread dries too quickly.

Wrap size: 43 x 58 cm (17” x 23”)

What are they made of?

Eco-friendly cotton.

Fabric is then coated with a mixture of:

  • Slovenian conscious harvested and all-natural beeswax,
  • tree resin and
  • ecological Jojoba oil.

Wraps are made to be re:used and to last.

How to use them?

Before first use, just scrunch them into a ball like paper. This activates and warms them up, so they become sticky and thus self-adhesive.

Perfect for wrapping any sorts of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, bread… 

Simply cover a bowl.

You can even make small pouches and pack some snacks into them.

Taking care of wrap:

When necessary, wraps can be rinsed with lukewarm water, or if required with mild organic, earth-friendly soap.

They can last from 6 months to a year, with proper care.

Not appropriate for storing raw meat.

Do not machine wash or dishwasher.

Once they reach their end of a life cycle, just cut them into stripes and throw into compost.