Bee'sy Bread Wrap

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What is Bee’sy Bread Wrap?

Waxed fabric clothes, used for bread storage that preserve its freshness. 

It is a great alternative to paper/plastic bags in which bread dries too quickly.

Wrap size: 43 x 58 cm (17” x 23”)

What is it made of?

Eco-friendly cotton.

Fabric is coated with a mixture of:

  • Slovenian conscious harvested and all-natural beeswax,
  • tree resin and
  • ecological Jojoba oil.

Wrap is made to be re:used and to last.

How to use it?

Before first use, just scrunch it into a ball like paper. This activates and warms it up, so it becomes sticky and thus self-adhesive.

Taking care of a wrap:

When necessary, wrap can be rinsed with lukewarm water, or if required with mild organic, earth-friendly soap.

It can last from 6 months to a year, with proper care.

Not appropriate for storing raw meat.

Do not machine wash or dishwasher.

Once it reaches its end of a life cycle, just cut it into stripes and throw into compost.